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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twitter Spitter

The dreaded email crossed my desk just minutes ago...

My friend Wil M. asked... "Are you on Twitter yet? You need to be! :-)"

Don't even try to placate me with your old-fashioned emoticon that blatantly acknowledges that I am comfy in my old habits! I know what you want me to do - spit out my life in little twit-turds?

Who wants to read that? (Hmmm... well I am going to spend a bit of time programming my new dual-trunking scanner this morning... and then I'm analyzing the impact of adding video to an online seminar to determine minimum throughput requirements if we add video streaming to the online seminars... hmmm... that's kinda geeky, isn't it?)

Will this be a big time-suck or a productive way to keep folks up-to-date on what's happening in the lab and upcoming events? Should I keep to techie topics or give you a glimpse into my somewhat twisted life of work, motherhood, amateur race car driver, balloon-shaper, hot tubber, sock collector, people watcher and closet nun-o-phile?
You tell me... should I kill the "Bluebird of Blabbering" or feed it pellets for a bit and see if the cage cleaning process is too much... (hmm... I wonder if it would be easier to cook than turkey...)