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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Potential Lives Where...?

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I captured this image at TechEd last week.

Walking into the TechEd Live taping session I noticed the video crew was a bit more high-tech than in past years - this year they would capture the video directly to disk and reduce the video-to-production time down to less than 48 hours! Nicely done!

When I approached the video console area, I noticed the vidiots (an endearing term for those AV geeks whom I respect tremendously now...) were running on MACs. Microsoft had likely asked them to cover the MAC logo on their computer, but failed to realize the Apple logo is backlit. This made for a very interesting image when the Microsoft slogan "Potential Lives Here --->" pointed directly to the Apple logo.

One of the many interesting moments at TechEd North America - don't even get me started on the beach ball geekfest party!