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Friday, August 15, 2008

Summit 08 Registration Brings Nausea...

At typical conferences, I only have a 1 hour 15 minute time slot to present information - hardly enough to do more than whet your appetite for packet-level life. It is very frustrating when I really want to ensure attendees grasp concepts and walk out with solid skills for immediate gratification. So... I cancelled most of my remaining conferences this year to focus on development of my Troubleshooting and Security Summit on November 4-5th in Las Colinas, Texas (near DFW). Visit or

Geez... it takes a ton of work to put on a Summit/Conference! Reviewing the contract with the hotel nearly made me gag! We did select a fantastic hotel and we hope to take over the entire ballroom/meeting room area - giving us plenty of room to spread out with our laptops and great visibility for all attendees. Hey - if you're going to head out and spend time geeking out with us, you might as well be someplace nice (sorry, Detroit Days Inn... I just couldn't do it!).

I am working on the student kits and the new sets of trace files. I am most excited to work together on the new Microsoft TCP/IP stack stuff, optimization of XP communications and then the compromised host evidence area. In addition, we'll get to work with new trace files of unusual/suspicious traffic to locate their signatures and figure out how to block this crap from the network. Users get more bold every day with the dirty applications they try to run on network!

There was a major change made from the time we polled the mailing list to the current time - I want to give all attendees a copy of the WSU03: Troubleshooting Network Performance self-paced DVD course instead of the WSU02: Analyzing TCP/IP Communications. The WSU02 stuff is the perfect prerequisite to ensure you get the most out of the conference.

New trace files - new toys (uh, er... I mean tools) - hands-on labs! It's gonna be a blast! Make sure you register before September 1st to get the Early Bird Special. Ideally, I'd like to have enough attendees to ensure we take over the hotel. Oh, yeah - and hotel room discount rates are only available until October 20th.

Get the full outline and details at and let me know your thoughts!