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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TechEd or Jail... Packing Light

With only a few days to go before the TechEd IT Pro conference, I've begun the packing process.

I had some nagging feeling as I carefully entombed my three competition SumoBots and the Annoy-a-tron circuit board in my carry-on bag. Let's see... where can I fit the webcam rocket launcher? What about that 7' antenna I wanted to bring... it'll have to stay home for this show.

I had hoped to have some form of the Digital Dress to bring out, but it's just been delayed again - wouldn't that have made a splash at the show? Of course getting that dress through airport security would be.... OH WAIT A MINUTE! AIRPORT SECURITY!

Mouth agape as I looked through the bag I'd planned to tote onto the plan... when the TSA (Transporation Security Administration) scans this bag, they're just going to throw me in a holding cell as a precaution. The gears, wires and circuitboards of the SumoBots alone will likely have me cuffed face-down in the security line - my nose on par with the putrid unclad feet of the traveling masses.


So... the other suitcase was recovered from the back of the storage shed as I tearfully said 'goodbye' to my favorite toys that would set off even the most dense of TSA agents. How do you describe the purpose of bringing a full-sized keyboard in your over-sized 'purse' (he he... if 'man purses' were a bit more accepted, you'd be stuffing everything in there too, guys!)?

"OH THAT? IT'S ACTUALLY A KEYLOGGING KEYBOARD TO STEAL PASSWORDS AND USER NAMES. No Worries." Don't fret about me, Ms. TSA-woman-with-a-bad-attitude-because-she-is-an-AOL-user. I wouldn't hurt a fly...

I will certainly be in a funk if my SumoBots and flying monkey slingshot get re-routed to Sao Paulo - perhaps it's time to print up some "Baggage Handlers Do It Gently" or "I [heart] Baggage Handlers" or "Chairwoman: Baggage Handlers Union" stickers for my luggage...

As a side note - some of the materials being discussed at TechEd have made me consider teaching a hands-on course - something I haven't done in about 16 months, 2 days and 5 hours (not that anyone is counting). Check out for the survey on the possible course. Or visit and let me know your thoughts.

Now back to packing... goodbye little BillyBot... goodbye little BushBot... goodbye little BallmerBot... (did you see the BallmerBot video yet?)... sob...

Proud parent of three aggressive SumoBots
Fan of Baggage Handlers everywhere!