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Friday, June 13, 2008

Bag Lady of TechEd...

Those quizzical looks said "don't you have a hotel room?" After dragging around a suitcase of toys (uh, er... I mean 'tools') during TechEd, I really appreciate the guy/gal who invented roller bags. The lunch session today - while only 45 minutes long - finally offered me a chance to unload the bag and share some of my favorite tools. From the hot graping tool, Pilot, to NetScanTools (my key reconnaissance/traceback tool) and the infamous SumoBots, Ironkey, the self-destructing USB stick and the Phantom Keystroker that plagued some of the CommNet stations at various points during the network - the 45-minute sessions was a 'spewfest' of fun.

If you'd like to see the list of some of my favorite tools, check out - if there are tools I should add, send an email to

This week I also created a page with some information and product discount codes over at Even if you didn't go to the show, grab the discount codes for AirPcap, NetScanTools, Pilot and the Wireshark University Courses - watch the expiration dates - don't miss your chance to save some money on these hot items.

So what about that Thursday panel? Seated between Steve Riley and Mark Russinovich - the same seating arrangement we had in Barcelona, I knew it would be a hoot. Mark Minasi and Marcus Murray rounded out the geekfest at the front of the room. Without any introductions or scripting, it was a great opportunity to just chat about the issues - unbeknownst to the audience, we rarely all get together in the same room and the same time. When we do... you have five Type A personalities butting heads and trying to one-up each other's stories... and what stories they are!

Now... it's time to relax in the hotel room - I'm totally wiped out from four breakout sessions, a panel, a lunch session, four 'fishbowl' recordings and one TechNet Edge recording (oh, yeah... and some late nights out at the hotel pool and an evening of non-stop walking around Universal Studios).

Off to the HP TechForum conference in Las Vegas - with a pre-conference training session Monday and several sessions Tuesday, it will be a busy week. After that, however, I am thrilled to enjoy the summer with minimal travel. That will give me lots of time to play with new toys and tracefiles. Wheee!