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Monday, June 30, 2008

No One Wipes Blood Off Their Own Face in Movies!

Well... it's another late night for me... insomnia rules my world at times and I've spent the day working with the new video training interface and the lab exercises for the Pilot beta course (which is debuting on July 18th - check out the calendar page for details).

I am finally settling in to watch a movie (oh, and blogging...) - "The Interpreter" is on... a smarmy show with beautiful-but-quesionable-actress Nicole Kidman and amazingly-talented-but-no-one-I'd-let-stay-in-my-house Sean Penn. The scene that just played had Sean Penn grabbing a paper towel, wetting it down and wiping the blood off Nicole Kidman's face. Now why is it that in movies no one can wipe the blood off their own face or put a simple bandage on their cuts? Geez... if we acted the same way I'm sure we'd all be walking around with oozing wounds and blood-stained faces, hands and feet. Ok... Hollywood is not reality (I want you all to remember that when the "Mother of Invention" movie comes out - if it ever does).

On that note... I've received numerous queries about the film. Last week I spoke with the main writer - the script is on it's 10th rewrite. He asked me some questions (I'm Technical Consultant on the film) about Navy Seals and intercepting radio-control signals. Now what the hell does that have to do with my life? Oh, wait... I'm not supposed to talk about those jobs... Seriously folks... when the film does come out it will have little relationship to my real life (except for that diaper-packed suitcase scene - believe it or not - that is true).

So back to the Pilot labs now - it's just past 12:15 am and I have another 3 hours or so of energy and focus left. I'm excited about this new course - as excited as I am with Pilot. If you don't know about Pilot, check out CACE Technologies' website. I just saved myself about 10 hours creating a report for a customer by using Pilot.

Oh... gotta go - final scenes coming up - helicopters and all... hey, wait a minute! I didn't see any helicopters in my film script!!! Time to make some calls... someone in Hollywood's gonna need some Bandaids!