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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Talking Tech with RunAs Radio

Last week I had the chance to talk with Richard Campbell and Greg Hughes of
RunAs Radio. You can listen

Don't know about RunAs Radio?
RunAs Radio started back in 2007 and offers weekly radio shows primarily for a
Microsoft-centric audience. My episode #160! I got interested in RunAs Radio
when I learned that Andy Malone had been interviewed recently on RunAs Radio
(I'm on a Cloud Computing panel with Andy at TechEd next month).

Grey Hair, Fire Extinguishers, Needles in a Haystack, Vegas and More
Although the session started with a reference to my ever-increasing grey hairs
and the need for a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, Richard pushed towards the
issues related to wireless analysis. "It's been abused so much."

We chatted about "jacked up access points" and saturation of the WLAN
environment in a Vegas casino.

Cool Topics/Presenters
Visit the RunAs Radio archives to check out the other 159 programs. Here are
some that I really enjoyed listening to.

  • Doug Toombs - free tools - although he missed Wireshark for some
    unknown reason - at least he got Nmap in there. Listen here.
  • Nick Simons - he's the guy that killed Clippy - Nick talks about some free
    tools for IT pros. I know you all love free tools! Listen here.
  • Steve Riley - now over at Amazon's Cloud Computing division - it's
    always interesting to listen to Steve. Listen here.

Go check out the podcasts at RunAs Radio and enjoy life... one bit at a time!