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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SNMP Snooping

Summit 09 Bonus: Licensed NetScanTools Pro - a $249 ValueAll Summit 09 attendees will receive a full licensed copy of NetScanTools Pro - a $249 value.

One of the labs for Summit 09 deals with SNMP snooping - locating information about a device by taking advantage of available MIB (Management Information Base) data through SNMP walking.
Networks abound with SNMP-based devices - we can use the Port Scanner tool to generate a simple UDP scan for port 161 to discover those SNMP devices.

In NetScanTools, I discovered a few network printers supporting SNMP. I entered the IP address of one of the printers and selected the WALK action for the Object ID (OID) I left the community string at the default as I was certain no one had changed it since the printer was plugged in.

The result - a 24-page document filled with information about that printer and the other devices on the wired and wireless networks. The standard printer information was puked out as expected, but this SNMP snoop yielded loads more information:
  • ARP table listing devices on the wired and wireless network
  • MAC layer In/Out statistics (including errors)
  • TCP In/Out statistics (including errors)
  • UDP In/Out statistics (including errors)
  • ICMP In/Out statistics (including errors)
  • Routing table
  • List of all received/transmitted ICMP packets
  • SSIDs, channel numbers and signal strength of local WLANs - not just the WLAN that the printer was on and not just on the channel the printer was on
As I started playing a bit more and finding other unique SNMP devices, I realized I needed to load some new MIBs - a MIB is a database of objects. I found hundreds of MIBs available online at

One of the coolest features in NetScanTools' SNMP tool is the ability to determine listening ports on the target without using a port scan. By generating udpLocalPort and tcpConnState queries, I could get the list of open UDP and TCP ports directly from the source.
Using NetScanTools we can discover SNMP devices on the network, load an unlimited number of additional MIBs and perform a dictionary attack to identify the community string used by SNMP devices.

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