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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summit 09 Registration Opens

It's a Geekfest Training Event! Last year's Summit was a great success with a room full of folks hunched over their laptops for three-days of labs and training. Since that time I've been researching and developing new materials - they are ready to go into Summit 09. Summit 09 will be another BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) event - filled with hands-on labs. This time around we will offer both individual and group labs.

Hot Tools and Key Tasks
We will focus on which tools are best for each task, such as the following:
  • traffic redirection and interception
  • IP address sanitizing
  • locating firewalled hosts
  • throughput testing
  • jitter measurement
  • identifying blocked/filtered ports
  • WLAN RF analysis

Troubleshooting Hot Spots and Testing

On day two, we will delve into a corporate network that is consistently garnering complaints. Working from the network diagram, we'll devise a plan to isolate the cause of network problems and perform proactive throughput testing and live RF analysis. We'll address both wired and wireless network problems.

Security and Forensics

On the third and final day, we focus on security. Starting with the TCP vulnerabilities and the SMB2 vulnerability announced this month, we will dissect the key issues and build a malicious/suspicious traffic profile. This profile will save you lots of time and help you spot security flaws on the network.

During the Summit you will be working on network diagrams to pinpoint where to capture traffic and follow the path of communications.The schedule is packed with the latest techniques for catching network problems, identifying suspicious traffic, testing network throughput, analyzing WLAN traffic and discovering network devices and services.

Download the
Summit Information Guide. All Access Pass members receive a 50% discount to Chappell Summit 09. Enjoy life one bit at a time. Lauraw