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Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 7th - Wireshark Jumpstart Free (Sponsored by NetOptics)

The July 7th Wireshark 101 Jumpstart is sponsored by NetOptics. I approached NetOptics because my lab is filled with NetOptics taps... the Teeny Tap, my 10/100 aggregating tap, my 10/100/1000 regenerating tap and more.

In this Wireshark 101 Jumpstart, I'll be demonstrating the following features of Wireshark:
  • Tapping into traffic
  • Choosing the interface
  • Capture filtering
  • Display filtering
  • Capturing to file sets
  • Capturing with a ring buffer
  • Altering the time column
  • Display filtering
  • Using the Expert Info Composite
  • Defining profiles
  • Reassembling streams
We already have over 1,000 registrations and only 1,000 people will be allowed to access the live online seminar. We'll open up the 'waiting room' online approximately 20 minutes before the session to allow you to get a place in the course.

See you on Tuesday, July 7th.