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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Brad and the Top-Secret Bl-Ear Project

Brad Pitt on the cover of wired poo-pooing the bluetooth look? No way! They aren't going pre-announce an invention that I already pre-announced at TechEd?! I quickly blew through the pages of Wired Magazine's August issue to find a picture of Brad texting at the urinals with a bourbon close by (page 89).

Whew! No mention of the Bl-Ear - the exciting beta-phase invention in bluetooth beauty and buffness. It's tough to stay ahead of the game (and game mags) in technology. Sometimes you have to be... well... inventive.

Let's face it - there are tons of products we'd love to see out there - the Bl-Ear fills a need to reduce the high Nerdlook-Factor (NF) of walking around with that bluetooth device hanging off your head - don't even start spewing the "jawbone is sexy" defense with me. No one (not even Brad) looks good with electronics hanging off their aural lobes.

Bluetooth devices are the new pocket-protectors, folks. And you need to admit it.

As you may have missed the TechEd presentation in May, I've put up a short video showing the Bl-ear over at the Chappell Seminars Projects page.

Before you go out the door today, look in the mirror. Laptop - check. iPhone - check. Starbucks card - check. Bluetooth adapter - check. Now remember - accessorize, then minimize - take off the ear-tech that screams "I hope someone wants to talk to me today".

Sign up for the Bl-Ear and watch your NF drop to near-normal levels. Oh... and just wait 'til you see their upcoming Ear-Bluds! I can hardly wait.


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