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Friday, September 19, 2008

Where the *(@#$# Have I Been?

It's been ages since my last post - so where on Earth have I been (assuming I've been on Earth, of course). Good question...

I've been halfway around the world in Canberra, Australia (snoooooooze) and assorted places in the US. Mostly, however, I have been buried in the deep, dark and exotic... lab! Playing around with the VoIP analysis functions in Wireshark, cool enhancements in NetScanTools Pro and wireless views in Pilot. I'm also enjoying playing with systems that have been left naked and exposed on the Internet (eek!) - analyzing the methods used to compromise those systems.

I've also been writing a series of articles on topics ranging from "Optimize Your Network Regardless of IT Budget Cuts" ( to "Getting More Pool Time (aka Graphing Wireless Network Behavior with Pilot™)" ( and "Enhancing Windows® XP Performance with RFC 1323" (also and a few podcasts with my friend Ron Nutter were we discussed DNS security faults, strange traffic on the network (check out the live analysis results of going to - yucko!), and Microsoft's TCP enhancements in Vista/Server 2008 (all three to air at

Most excitingly, however, I've been working on the Student Manuals for the Summit (Network Analysis and Network Forensics Training) that takes place November 4-5 ( - I extended the Early Bird registration price until September 30th because of the hardships caused by Ike and the roller coaster ride we call the Stock Market.

Over the next two weeks I'll be releasing some of the lab information for the Summit - giving you a taste of the hands-on labs that we'll tackle together. Oh, yeah... we'll definitely do some VoIP playback and work in the wireless world! Join us for accelerated analysis/forensics training at the Summit.

Better go - it's 5:30pm and I have a few more hours-worth of trace files I want to review this evening! Yippie!