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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pimping Podcasts and Packets

Well... with a title like that you just have to read this, don't ya?

Ok... there are really two subjects here - one is pimping podcasts and the other is packets, but they came together this evening with a new podcast series I am developing and a quick analysis of some podcasting traffic.

Pimping podcasts? This title came to mind as I searched for some lead-in/closing music for the upcoming podcast series. After searching for royalty-free music for a bit, I found a little ditty that turned my head (including my ears). The music was described as "70's, pimp-stylin, funkin', porn music. If prostitution is a victimless crime, then where's my wallet?"

I HAD to listen to this music!

Sure enough - this was some seriously funky music - it dripped of sexual innuendo with loads of wawawa slipping through dadum dadum with a funk beat - this could have been background music for Shaft! I could honestly imagine myself following that attitude-adjusting swank with a serious conversation about the If-Modified-Since HTTP header field! What a mood setter!

Note: We'll cover the importance of that header field in the upcoming Summit 08 ( when analyzing web browsing traffic.

So what do packets have to do with this? Well... since I was on the topic of podcasting, I thought I'd check out the traffic rate of the recent podcast I did with Ron Nutter's Help Desk Toolchest over at Network World ( - I found that the podcast MP3 file was 31,640,580 bytes and downloaded in just over 30 seconds at an average rate of 8.77 Mbit/s. This was waaaaay bigger than the Internet radio trace I'd taken a while back when studying streaming methods and bandwidth usage. Ron's podcast runs for 65 minutes and 55 seconds. When there I injected traffic into the network to cause packet loss and higher latency, I didn't notice it at all.

Tomorrow I should finish my analysis of Spore's network traffic and have the signatures to spot and eradicate that little primordial slime off the network (oh, sure... play it at home all you want!).

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