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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kindle Version Released!

Kindle! Kindle! Kindle!

I've received lots of emails/queries lately asking if the Wireshark Study Guide and Exam Prep Guide will be available in Kindle formats.

Well, the answer is no and yes and maybe.

Yes - the Wireshark Certification Official Exam Prep Guide is now available on the Kindle (click to view Amazon page) - don't forget to download the Answer Sheets (PDF) over at as well. We had to get this book into eBook format as the enclosed CD was really limiting international distribution capabilities. All the practice exam questions on the CD are in the Kindle version of the book so you're not losing anything except the quiz engine to practice with.

No - the Study Guide (800-pager) is not available in Kindle format... yet. After reviewing a slew of technical books in Kindle format it has become abundantly clear that some books just look like garbage on the Kindle. The formatting is limited enough to make some images unreadable and tables a complete nightmare. Ok, ok... some limitations are mostly evident on the itty bitty Kindle (can we call it a Kindlette?). We purchased the big Kindle for the office to play around a bit more with the formatting and I ordered an iPad (just for research purposes, of course) - so this leads me to...

Maybe - If we can survive the Kindle conversion nightmare that we've been living in for the past two weeks and tackle the hundreds of pages of reformatting required, then perhaps the Study Guide will make it to an eBook format. A simple look at the Mastering Windows Server 2008 Kindle edition by Mark Minasi really turned me off the idea of putting the Study Guide on the Kindle. It should be sold with a magnifying glass! Even if you enlarge the font, the graphic image is unreadable - granted, this was viewed on my Kindlette.

Thanks to all of you who have offered ideas and assistance on getting the Exam Prep Guide through Amazon's formatting and the MobiCreator product. If you have additional ideas or feedback, send them into us at

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