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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti: High and Low Tech Rescue

It's heartbreaking to see the loss of life in Haiti right now, especially the children. One image from haunts me – a 1 month old child held in the arms of a rescuer (image #12 at

Cellular communications has had a tremendous role in this disaster – from victims text messaging for assistance to families finding each other. It underscores the importance of shoring up cellular networks in preparation for

Google updated their satellite imagery to show amazing before and after images of the devastation - Click on one of the images to zoom in as close as you can.

At, image #32 at displays SearchCam, a victim location device that offers tremendous ability in looking in confined spaces. You can watch a video about SearchCam technology at

The other impressive group in these disasters is always the canine units: Irish and Spanish rescuers, Germany’s International Search and Rescue (ISAR) group, Canadian Search and Disaster Dog Association, California's National
Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF), and many others.

These dogs react differently to survivors and victims – if a survivor is found, the dogs bark loudly; if a victim is found, they scratch at the rubble. For all of our high technology, they still amaze us. Nearly 70 hours after the quake, Hunter (a Border Collie from SDF) found two young girls trapped under 4 feet of concrete.

Our thanks to the many military, civilian and canine heroes helping the victims and families who have been devastated by this quake.

Please donate to your favorite relief charity today.