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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blogging through Muscle "Sapams"

After 5 days of working up every excuse possible to avoid the dreaded doctor, I finally caved in when I dropped an AirPcap adapter and couldn't pick it up - yup - I'd ripped up my back somehow. The pain was incredible - just imagine - no monitor mode capability, no 802.11 headers, no multi-channel aggregation... it was a nightmare.

My doc prescribed numerous meds including one to take "as needed for muscle sapam." After receiving the obligatory lecture on "don't drive or operate heavy equipment with these medicines" (does a Cisco Nexus box count?), I whimpered home and told my family I would be "a little loopy" this weekend. If I hadn't already taken some of these medications, I would have immediately raced my two teens to the doctor for treatment for eye-rolling - it's a strange and erratic affliction that plagues so many teens.

I figured the perfect time to start working on this week's blog would be while cozying up on the couch waiting for the pain to subside with these new meds. This morning, however, I reviewed the numerous medically-induced blogs I whipped out while semi-comotose this past weekend.

I realize one thing now - DON'T MEDICATE AND BLOG.

Here are the titles of a few of the blogs I'd spewed out while numb.

* Should Pot be Legalized in Farmville? Since I'm from California and the issue of legalizing pot is almost recommended Kindergarten fare, I wondered about adding pot farms in Farmville. What would the reaction be? If met with heavy opposition perhaps Hempville would be more open
to the issue.

* Put Audio Triggers into Wireshark - I did skulk around a bit on, but had such a tough time typing Wiershark and TPCIP... almost hit "Submit" on an idea to add audio to the Expert Infos Composite function. Imagine importing the "Star Trek Audio Set" and hearing "Damn it, Jim... I'm just a doctor" each time a packet was lost or "Live long and prosper" for each retransmission. There's a loose reference to my old "Amazon Rain Forest" exercise I used with a NetScanTools Pro class...

* Intel - Do the Right Thing - Add an "A" to McAfee. This blog was rather short - simply suggesting that Intel's first move after acquiring McAfee should be to add that friggin' "a" to make it MacAfee - we all pronounce it that way already - c'mon - think of your customers here. There was a bit of a side-ramble regarding their Vegas conference in October featuring Bill
Clinton and some crazy off-beat reference to strip clubs too.

Well... perhaps you can tell I'm not off the meds yet - my mind is wandering ... and I hope it comes back sometime.

So I apologize now if you've asked me a technical question, reached out for advice or pinged me with a thought... I've been busy controlling my "muscle sapams".

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