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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Europe Welcomes Wireshark University

On May 31st, the first Wireshark University course opens in the Netherlands!
The Core 1 course registration is now open with our first European partner,
SCOS. For information, visit

You do not want to miss this event!

This course teaches you how to capture wired and wireless traffic and interpret
the most common TCP/IP communications including IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP,
DNS, ARP, DHCP, HTTP and email traffic.

Register online today at
For more information, email

In addition, SCOS is a European distributor of the new Wireshark Network
Analysis book ( There should be copies of the book
available at the training to help you prepare for the upcoming Wireshark
Certified Network Analyst Exam (due Q2/2010). For more information on the
Exam, visit
Wireshark University.

Betty DuBois, Lead Wireshark University Instructor, will be presenting this 5-day
event focusing on the key capabilities of Wireshark, the world's most popular
network analyzer, and TCP/IP communications analysis.

Special thanks to Matt Hamburg of SCOS for hosting this very special event.

Enjoy life...
in the Netherlands... one bit at a time!