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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sexy Spread Spectrum Signals

In the WLAN Analysis 101 course last month, I showed the effects of a cheap 2.4GHz phone on the wireless network by knocking myself off the network during my live video feed. Duh... I hope it made a point.

If I hadn't been picking up the RF signals around me, the death of my network connection would have been a mystery. After all, the cutoff was so sudden and folks in other locations around weren't having any problems at all.

The live course viewers saw the
sudden spike in the signal as I'd told them to watch the Chanalyzer Spectral View. begin to climb near channel 1 and then SCREECH! The video came to a halt and my voice (fed through VoIP on my end) became scratchy and my words almost impossible to decipher.

The figure above shows their view at the time I attacked myself! Wow! What a hot, my connection to the online seminar engine, it felt like real life - this is what really happens in the WLAN world - and we got to experience it together.

I love looking at the Chanalyzer Spectral View - it consists of time across the X axis and frequency/channel across the Y axis. The color coding is based on signal amplitude. The closer to red, the stronger the signal. Vertical stripping indicates a consistent signal on a specific frequency. Manipulating the time controller at the bottom of the Chanalyzer window enables me to focus in on a specific area of time for a clearer picture.

The Chanalyzer/Wi-Spy Adapter products are some of the sexiest products that have come around in the industry in a long time. Displaying the live RF signals around me prior to making a presentation at a conference is like wearing a hot pair of steel stilettos. Attention-getting and very sexy (in a sick and twisted geeky way).

We've now partnered with the Metageek folks on the upcoming WLAN Analysis 101 course on September 10th - if you purchase the 2.4x or DBx Wi-Spy adapters, you'll get into the live class for free. If you already own their products, you should receive a 50% off coupon via their newsletter. As soon as we record the course, you'll also receive one-week unlimited access to the recorded course.

It's a good time to get the adapter... c'mon... you know you want one! You can order the products at

Enjoy life one bit at a time!