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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BrainShare Highlights

It’s Wednesday and we’re exhausted from the non-stop activity this year at BrainShare. The sponsor party last night seemed to fit the audience - the theme was World of Warcraft, but there were Halo characters (Master Sergeant) and many Wii systems set up in the various booths. Only a few more months until WiiFit comes out - wonder if that would be welcomed as warmly as Wii bowling...?

After the vendor party, we joined NetVision upstairs in the Port o’ Call to "bust a move"! Only one person fell on the dance floor (and it wasn’t me!) - a definite improvement over past years. Amazing how much my feet hurt early in the evening, but as the evening unfolded I couldn’t even feel my feet.

This afternoon we hit the OpenAudio booth to record a conversation recapping some of my sessions and talking a bit about Thursday’s scheduled videocast at the Meet the Experts event. I will be giving away the hidden secrets in the Laura’s Lab Kit during that session and talk about other cool tools related to troubleshooting and security. The OpenAudio booth was swelteringly hot inside, but the recording was (as always) a hoot! This time Brenda joined us for the taping - tomorrow she will be recording on her own... next thing you know, she’ll be taking over my sessions. See
for more information.

Speaking of sessions - head over to the FIN BIT page at
to get the slides from the four BrainShare presentations.

Again, Novell gave me access to the double conference room and had tables and power strips setup up for the BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) sessions. It is a great configuration for conferences.

For those of you who are not at the show, don’t forget to download the new Laura’s Lab Kit v9 from
The ISO image is 3.3 GB, so start the download and go have a good lunch or dinner... That is also where you will find the latest animated articles.

Now it’s time to catch up with a few hundred emails that are overflowing my inbox! Must... hang... in... there... must... stay... awake...


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